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What our Clients are saying...

I am not a travel agent's ideal client. Twice I've called Deanna in a panic because I needed help buying multi-destination international plane tickets for last minute trips. I typically have to fly Turkish Air, and their system doesn't allow regular people to purchase multi-destination plan tickets. Each time Deanna has saved the day. She has been fantastic to work with. She rolls with the last minute changes and is always a pleasure to work with.

I look forward to having Deanna help me plan a trip with more than 2 week lead time.

Deanna saved my birthday! I booked a family trip to Britain to celebrate my 55th birthday. However the original tour company cancelled my tour due to lack of signups. She took my dates and tour highlights and worked her magic. We got a trip that we will never forget. Our hotels were great. She made sure we saw all the things I wanted. She made it all happen within my budget.

We all want to go back and spend more time in Scotland. My first call will be to Deanna when we are ready to start planning the return trip. She was wonderful to work with and so helpful.

p.s. Thank you for coming in on Saturdays to meet with us.

If you want Hassle Free travel, you have got to check out Smith World Travel. It doesn't matter where you live, these guys are  AWESOME and they can help you because of that crazy good idea of the Internet and the World Wide Web!! :-)

My husband and I planned a trip to Patagonia and contacted Debbie Smith at Smith World Travel regarding the trip. Not only did she help with the airline flights, she also booked the trekking trip and made additional hotel reservations in case we had an issue getting to our location in time. Debbie thought of all the details, which I appreciated. I just wanted to think about trekking. It is the little details that make the travel so HASSLE FREE and easy.

One thing I have learned the hard way . . . you have to buy travel insurance. I had to use it once for a health issue and I was glad to have had it. Smith World Travel can sell you trip insurance, even if you don't book the trip with them. THAT IS WAY COOL. Again, NO HASSLE, and you get to speak to someone.

The staff at Smith World Travel is great. They are friendly, knowledgeable, and get back to you in a very timely fashion. If something should go wrong on your trip, you know you have a point of contact with Smith World Travel. That's very, very cool.

Check out Smith World Travel. You won't regret it.